Getting Around Bucharest


Airport to Hotel: Uber, Bolt, or Bus. A bus goes from the airport to walking distance from the hotel.

Options for spending free time on Sunday after the presentations:
- private guided walking tour to visit the main tourist attractions in Bucharest if there is interest
- also, see below
Here are some beautiful places to visit in Bucharest:
Calea Victoriei is one of Bucharest's oldest thoroughfares, having been opened by Constantin Brâncoveanu in 1692 (so more than 300 years ago), under the name Mogoșoaiei Bridge. Yes, it was called a bridge, although it is 2.7km long and not suspended - that's because it was paved with tree trunks along its entire length, and streets of this type were called bridges. And Mogoșoaia, you may have guessed why it was called - it connected the Royal Palace at Curtea Veche (now in the old center) and the Mogoșoaia estate. Being so important, noble houses, inns, hotels, luxury shops quickly appear on it.
Among the most beautiful attractions are:
George Enescu National Museum
Romanian Athenaeum
Athenee Palace Hotel
Central University Library
The National Art Museum of Romania
Crețulescu Church
Continental Grand Hotel
The Palace of Telephones
Odeon Theatre
Casa Capsa
CEC Palace
The National History Museum of Romania
Old Town
After walking on Calea Victoriei, if your steps still took you a stone's throw from the old center, it would be a shame not to enter the cobbled streets and take a look.
Among the most beautiful attractions are:
The Palace of the National Bank
Cărturești Carusel – is one of the most beautiful bookstores in Europe, with the elegant atmosphere of the olden times. In addition, there is also a cafe on the top floor, so you can stay to catch your breath and take some cool photos.
Chariot with Beer – Visit it, not necessarily for the food served here, but for the rich history and unique architecture. The building dates back to 1898, with the purpose of being a brewery, and the ground floor is decorated with paintings, stained glass windows, mosaics and carved paneling. Don't miss the view you have from here towards the CEC Palace - it's worth a picture.
Stavropoleos Church  I know, it's a little harder to pronounce, that's because it inherited the name of the place where he was metropolitan to the Greek abbot who built it. The Stavropoleos Church dates back to 1724, being built in the courtyard of an inn, as was the custom of the times. Even though it is a small church, and the courtyard is the same, it is an extremely well-kept place where you can admire hundreds of years old frescoes.
The fountains at Piața Unirii
If you still made it to the center, it would be a shame to miss the famous fountains in Piața Unirii - they were built at the end of the 80s, following Ceaușescu's systematization plans, when Unirii Boulevard was also laid out.
The fountains were rehabilitated in 2018 and since then they have become a point of attraction for both Bucharest residents and foreign tourists, especially thanks to the shows that took place every summer weekend, when the area becomes pedestrianized, the fountains are dressed in dozens of colors , and the water jets are synchronized with the music
Parliament House
If you get to Piata Unirii, it's impossible not to see it - it's only the second largest building in the world in terms of surface area, after the Pentagon - it's no more, no less than 365,000 square meters. Known before the Revolution as the People's House, the building was built out of Ceaușescu's desire to reproduce what he saw in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, he wanted a building where all the state organs could function, but also one seismically or nuclear safe. Today it is the headquarters of the Chamber of Deputies, but part of it can also be visited.
The Village Museum
if you want to spend half a day in nature. It is right on the shore of the Herăstrău lake and gathers on its 14 hectares a lot of Romanian households from all areas of the country, perfect to explore on a sunny day - I recommend you not to miss the Maramureș Church, the windmill or the cherhanaua in Jurilovca.
Dr. Alice Rădulescu

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