IVUSS-veterinary ultrasound continuing education, meetings, hands-on labs


The International Veterinary Ultrasound Society’s goals are to promote research and provide education in ultrasonography to all groups performing diagnostic ultrasound in veterinary medicine. The primary method by which the society does this is through the organization of an annual meeting that typically offers between 12 and 16 hours of veterinary ultrasound continuing education in lectures and hands-on labs..

Excellence in Veterinary Ultrasound Imaging:

IVUSS promotes the advancement of knowledge and high standards of veterinary small animal diagnostic ultrasound imaging and interpretation. Toward this purpose, the Society will:

Associate and affiliate into one organization doctors of veterinary medicine, registered diagnostic medical sonographers, veterinary technicians, and, with special approval of the board, other individuals engaged in the practice of, or who have special interest in, the field of veterinary small animal diagnostic ultrasound.

Establish and promote uniform standards and guidelines for the practice of veterinary small animal ultrasound and interpretation.

Foster and encourage education, research and scientific progress in veterinary small animal diagnostic ultrasound and interpretation.

Disseminate information pertinent to veterinary small animal diagnostic imaging and interpretation.


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