IVUSS Maintenance of Certification

The purpose of the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) is to assure continued competency and active participation of IVUSS Certificate holders in continuing education within the specialty of ultrasonography.

Maintenance of certification is mandatory for all certified individuals from 2017 forward.

In order to maintain the IVUSS Certification the individual must:
  • Be a continuous, dues paying member of IVUSS
  • Achieve 100 Professional Development points over 10 years

If by the end of 10 years the individual has not met the criteria for maintenance of certification, the certification will become inactive until the criteria are satisfied.

An inactive Certification holder may not use the name IVUSS, Cert. IVUSS in their title or use the IVUSS logo.

It is recommended to achieve at least 10 points per year.  Each person is responsible for reporting and having proof of participation.

At least 70 points must come from knowledge and competence.  Up to 30 points are allowed from service.  


a. Meeting attendance

  • Specialist level meetings: 10 points annual IVUSS, ACVR, ECVID, ACVIM, AVBP, EAVDI, and VETMEET. Please email [email protected] to request Cert. Committee approval of meetings not listed.
  • Generalist level meetings: 3 points per day for regional, state, and local RACE approved (USA), relevant topics. No CE Request Form needed with RACE approval.
b. Workshop attendance
  • 1 point per hour of attendance at IVUSS approved workshops, up to 15 points/year
    • Examples: Sound, Universal, Sonopath, Oquendo, Wave, International Veterinary Services, CVE, and University of Sydney and Melbourne.  Please email [email protected] to request Cert. Committee approval of meetings not listed.
c. Teaching
  • Day course/workshops 1 point per hour up with up to 15 points per year
  • Mentor IVUSS Candidate--3 points per year/candidate with a maximum of 6 points per year.
d. Publication/Presentation
  • IVUSS case of the month: posted, unlimited submissions--2 point per published case
    • 1st author:  20 points
    • 2nd author:  10 points
    • Supporting author:  5 points
  • Vet Practice news and similar
    • 1st author:  10 points
    • 2nd author:  5 points
  • Presentation specialist level: 5 points; Generalist: 2 points
  • Poster/abstract relevant topic: 2 points


  • Service on the Board grants 5 points per year with a maximum of 30 points. 
  • Service on a Committee grants 2 points per year.


  • Those individuals who have achieved IVUSS Certification prior to 2017 can submit their professional development points to date. An extension of three years will be granted those Certified before 2017 who will not meet the 100 point /10yr total.
  • For those individuals who need modification to the extension period the Board reserves the right to evaluate an appeal from an individual and modify accordingly.
  • IVUSS will send an annual email with a worksheet to submit your points. IVUSS will also keep a record of points. The individual should keep a copy of their points as well.

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