Registration is now open for both in-person and on-demand. The in-person conference will be limited to 100 people and will include an optional lab on Saturday morning, September 16th. 

The Conference sessions will be offered On-Demand after the meeting's conclusion for those who cannot attend in-person. 

 Please note that Sunday will now be the short day due to many museums not being open on Monday.

Please have the following information ready prior to filling out the registration form:

  1. If you need RACE credits have your license number and jurisdiction available. If you are licensed in more than one jurisdiction only enter one license number. This process is automated so it is the only chance you have to enter this information--we cannot enter it later.
  2. Email addresses of all guests you are registering for the in-person conference.


With fraudulent credit card charges on the rise, we have had a number of transactions rejected due to "Suspected Fraud".

  • If your credit card does not go through, immediately contact your credit card company and let them know this is a legitimate charge, then enter your card information again.
  • If there is still a problem, please exit out of the form and immediately email [email protected]. Please include your name and the email address you started registration with. We will send an invoice through PayPal within a day or two. This does create extra work for us, so please only use this if necessary!

Thank you.



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