Certification Program Suggestions

Suggestions to make the process easier for you and help ensure success:
  • Please follow case requirements and format carefully!  We encourage you to email your mentor with questions about the program.  You should expect there to be many comments and suggestions for scanning improvement from the Certification Committee’s reviews on your first few cases.
  • Choose straight forward cases, especially for your first one.  It will make your learning process more efficient.
  • Choose a variety of different cases to force yourself to learn more!
  • Set your goal to submit one case every month, and do it!  Submit your first case within the first month.
  • It is strongly suggested you complete one case before submitting additional cases to learn how to be more efficient in your case report write-ups.  This way you will be able to be more complete in subsequent cases.
  • We recommend that you complete at least one echocardiogram, one advanced abdomen, and one basic abdomen case within the first five case submissions.
  • Perseverance through the program will vastly improve your knowledge and scanning ability.  We want to see you succeed!

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